Toni Scott


Having been born and raised in the Charlotte area, Toni Scott does not just know her way around the rapidly expanding market, she understands it like a true native. She understands the subtle differences in communities just blocks apart and how those communities have grown and matured over the years. She knows about the schools, the shops, and even all the best places to eat. Toni’s familiarity with the community extends to its residents, their needs and their aspirations, but it does not stop there. From the moment that you meet Toni, you will feel her passion for life, her limitless drive, and her sincere desire to help her clients achieve their goals.

Prior to joining Savvy + Co., Toni worked in hospitality for over 20 years; managing some of the top restaurants in the area. This experience allowed her to build relationships with local business owners, community and political leaders, real estate agents and builders and people from all walks of life. After reaching what felt like a ceiling in her career, she was ready to accomplish a long-term goal and purse a career in real estate.

Today, Toni operates at the highest level of honesty and integrity. She has a drive to satisfy her clients’ needs, a passion for excellence, and a relentless work ethic. With her knowledge of the buying and selling process, community relationships and her affiliation with the Savvy & Company, Toni Scott is the ideal choice for both experienced and first-time buyers and sellers. 

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